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. welcome, everybody. our "starting point" this morning, the aftermath of the superstorm. new york city slowly getting back to normal this morning, but no heat, no power, gas running low. bumper to bumper traffic. patience is being tested. some subways are running again this morning, so many are buses. fares, free, today, as workers are trying to keep the financial heart of the country beating. rob marciano this morning at the brooklyn bridge for us. hey, rob, good morning! >> reporter: good morning, soledad. there'll be a lot of foot traffic once again over this bridge. and if you are in a car, you'll need at least three people in that vehicle. carpooling is going to be the call today, because yesterday, there was absolute gridlock across the city. we didn't have much in the way of bus lines running. these subways were still shut down. all the people that would typically travel underground were trying to get to work aboveground. and boy, some places, there was chaos. i mean, people pushing and shoving, just to try to get on a bus. many buses that were traveling past 10th and 14th stree
. it begins in less than two hours, in new york city, and for the first time in its 86-year history, the parade route has changed. jason carroll is live among the revelers. we'll talk to him later this hour. >> look forward to that. >>> and millions of couch cushions across the country will be getting quite a workout today. turkey coma, not a problem. that's because football is here. nfl lineup, a triple header, kicking off at 12:30 eastern time, with the detroit lions hosting the houston texans. then it's the cowboys and redskins squaring off at 4:25 this afternoon. >> if i can make it up that late, i will be watching that game. seven minutes here past the hour. i want to talk weather with meteorologist bonnie schneider. how's the thanksgiving forecast looking? >> it's actually lacking very good. i can remember thanksgiving in years past where we've had winter storms and things like that, not today. the only problem maybe for drivers this morning is fog. that exists for memphis into houston and may impact your air travelers a well. another factor to keep in mind, strong winds. thes
is a major issue, in all the devastated communities. meanwhile, hundreds of would-be new york city marathoners volunteered yesterday. take a look at this. they were helping distribute aid to victims of sandy on staten island. the marathon was canceled due to the impact of the storm. it's very generous of them. and today a military court in washington state will hear details of the case against army staff sergeant robert bales. he's accused of a drunken shooting rampage that left 16 afghanis dead. today's testimony will feature testimony via teleconference. >>> sunday night football action. the atlanta falcons beat the dallas cowboys. at 8-0 atlanta is now the only undefeated team in the nfl. and they did it the hard way. on the strength of the four field goals from matt bryant. >>> actor will ferrell has a new role. he says he will do anything to get voters to the polls tomorrow. >> if you agree to vote in this year's election, i will personally give you a tattoo. fair warning, i do not know how to draw. i'll do a dance. just for you. that was just a taste. if you want the full buf
in new york city that is actually doubling as a shelter and a polling station today. the polls have been open here for about an hour, and if turnout is any guide here i can tell you that turnout will be very high in new york state. hundreds of people have already cast their ballots, i spoke to a lot of people inside where the line was snaking inside the building. lots of people said to me, this is a very important election. i want to cast my ballot early. i spoke to another young woman who is voting in her very first election. she came with her mother today. late yesterday, in an extraordinary move, new york's governor andrew cuomo signed an executive order basically saying that if you live in a federal disaster zone in new york, you can cast your ballot not just in your district, but in any district in new york. that is significant, and unprecedented. the governor says just because you are displaced, it doesn't mean you should be disenfranchised. he also said it won't be easy, but after last week, meaning hurricane sandy, john, this, the governor says, will be a walk in the park. john?
people who got their power restored. new york city and long island have done what new jersey has done, the odd/even system of gas rationing. it begins today in new york. and long island. fema trailers are now en route to areas of new york and new jersey that were the hardest hit by sandy. cnn's susan candiotti is back at asbury park, new jersey. how is it going there? still no power for many of the folks there? >> that's right a lot of people, hundreds of thousands of people here still without power in new jersey. let's start by talking about the gas rationing. there's nothing wrong with copying a good idea from new jersey, because as you said, new york city now starting to copy the idea from new jersey and starting gas rationing in the city using the same system of odd/even license plates. just like they've been doing for the past week here in the garden state. governor christy started that last week, as we've been driving around that is one good note. we haven't seen any long lines anymore for gasoline, and sometimes no lines at all. and so, with that in mind, the governor family sa
her after some kind of oh fight around 4:00 this morning at a club in new york city. she has been charged with misdemeanor assault with reports saying she reportedly hit a woman. lohan was also arrested in september at another club in new york for allegedly hitting someone with her car and not stopping. she didn't face charges for that. >> one problem after another. christine romans here with today's big business news. >> good morning. u.s. stock futures were up this morning. world markets up, commodities up after comments made by president obama and house speaker john boehner, both expressing optimism on fiscal cliff negotiations in the washington. in a new report from the congressional budget office it says more than half a trillion has been spent on jobless benefits over the past five years. $520 billion in jobless benefits in five years. also part of the debate, whether to extend the deadline to file for additional unemployment benefits beyond the end of the year. spending on food stamps is rising. nearly 15 million households received food stampses in 2011, up 10% from the ye
york city has now okayed $500 million to repair the city schools and hospitals. and in new jersey, gas rationing ends today. >>> and your a.m. house call, a fat fighting soda. pep sole la is to debut the new fiber infused drink. the pepsi special contains a fiber designed to help reduce fat levels. >> 16 ounce cup -- >> i expect that's the question of the day. >> gallons of that. >> on the stuff that could help, oprah winfrey is going organic. she's apparently adding food and hair and body products to her empire. online 359ent documents show she filed several applications this fall for opera's organics. oprah's harvest. and oprah's farm. the products reportedly range from frozen veggies and soups to soap and sunscreen. and you can thank social media once again for adding to your v vocabulary. gif is oxford's word of the year. it stands for graphics interchange format. gif edged out yolo, short for you only live once, and superstorm, a late addition after sandy, of course. >> gif, that's the best i can do. >> you know? the reason it's big now is you can animate it. you can actually make
reportedly has been reached between dominique strauss-kahn and the new york city hotel maid who sued him alleging sexual assault. details of the agreement have not been made public. the former head of the international monetary fund, the imf, still faces aggravated tipping charges in france for his alleged role in a prostitution ring. >>> out of nowhere, the earth collapsed, a giant sinkhole has developed near dover, ohio. that's south of cleveland. taking a two-lane highway with it. take a look at this. luckily, no one's been hurt. >>> joe biden, bulking up, at costco of all places. the vice president was on hand for the grand opening of the first mammoth warehouse store in d.c. it was meant to promote job growth, checked out a watch, kid's books. perhaps that's a rose for the wife. left with a flat screen and ate up a couple of free samples. you could take a spin around costco and it's full. >> my kids love the samples. apparently the vice president does, too. >> a big clue to who bought the winning powerball ticket in arizona. this may come from surveillance video out of maryland. peo
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brought holiday cheer to victims yesterday, delivering a thanksgiving feast. meantime, new york city has announced plans to demolish 200 homes that sustained the worst damage. including some on staten island where elected officials are focusing now on rebuilding. we're joined this morning here by congressman michael grimm, he represents the area that includes staten island. great to have you with us. >> thank you. nice to be here. >> a lot of volunteers did turn out to help in a lot of these neighborhoods that have just been devastated by the storm. how much of a difference, what kind of a thanksgiving was this compared to others for you personally and for your constituents? >> well, personally, really honed in on what thanksgiving is all about. to be grateful and be thankful for what you have. and when you see people have lost everything in their entire lives, we're talking some older people have amassed things over the years and just their memories, their pictures, everything they've ever owned is gone. it really does make you feel grateful and thankful for what you have. yesterday was
're just very angry that the new york city marathon will still be held on sunday. the race actually starts on staten island, and they say resources should not be diverted from the recovery efforts there. meanwhile homeland security secretary janet napolitano will visit staten island later today. nearly half of the city's 41 victims died in that borough and cleanup has barely begun in the jersey shore town of seaside heights. the storm destroyed two piers that held amusement parks there. rides ended up in the ocean including a roller coaster. >>> the obama and romney campaigns descending on battleground states in a campaign frenzy over the final four days. the president making three stops today in ohio, mitt romney delivers what his campaign is calling a closing argument speech in wisconsin. before heading to ohio himself for two late campaign rallies. >>> u.s. intelligence officials are refuting a news report and insisting that cia officers were not barred from helping americans under attack in libya in september. four americans died in that assault on the consulate in benghazi including t
's three weeks after the storm hit. >>> meanwhile, new york city commuters have something to be thankful for this morning. for the first time since hurricane sandy both tubes of new york's brooklyn battery tunnel are open for business this morning. the hugh carrie tunnel got flooded out by the storm surge of hurricane sandy. on a normal workday the tunnel carries 50,000 cars. >>> the federal investigators in midland, texas, say there's no sign of any kind of mechanical malfunction from last week's deadly train crash that killed the four veterans. the national transportation safety board says the alarm system and gates were working properly when a truck carrying a trailer full of veterans and their wives entered the railroad crossing eight seconds after the lights and bells activated. the 84-car train slammed into the trailer at 62 miles an hour. >>> things are not looking so good for florida congressman allen west, tea party favorite. it shows him trailing patrick murphy by 2,000 votes. that's in florida's 18th congressional district. >>> louisiana's republican governor bobby jindal slam
a nurse's arm and kicking another one as he tried to leave a suburban new york city hospital with his newborn son. his attorneys argued kennedy wanted to take his son out for, quote/unquote, fresh air, back in january, and that the staff overreacted. >>> -- never take a newborn out for fresh air, really? >> not something you want to do i suppose. >> glad to see it's all been resolved. >> and now this. this will make you hungry, as we look to thanksgiving a taste of home for thousands of american soldiers serving in afghanistan for the holidays here. this year, the defense logistics agency will deliver to the troops here, we have 60,000 pounds of beef, 20,000 pounds of ham. 45,000 pounds of turkey. mouth watering yet? 28,000 sweet potatoes and 5800 pies. have been delivered overseas. it will make for thanksgiving feast and christmas feasts for more than 200 locations in afghanistan, and maybe this is just a southern gal in me, anyone do marshmallows on the sweet potatoes? >> yeah. >> makes it -- >> yeah, me, too. >> love it. >> and molasses. >> whoa. >> how many calories it will hold.
sparked a new jobs initiative in new york city. temporary jobs for 5,000 young adults are being offered in areas hard hit by the storm. any adult age 18 through 24 affected by sandy can apply. >> when you look at communities like this, it's this community -- it's that age bracket that has the highest unemployment. so we're doing a two-fer here. we're trying to tackle the unemployment problem in an area like this where the unemployment for that age group can run as high as 36%, 40%. >> these jobs will be for short-term and long-term projects aimed at rebuilding communities damaged by sandy. >>> the weatherman didn't predict this third quarter shower that delayed the seahawks/dolphins game in miami yesterday. we're told the stadium sprinkler system malfunctioned. it thought it was saturday for some reason. it went on its saturday watering schedule. players did manage to dry off. dolphins beat the seahawks 24-21. >>> in sunday night football the new york giants, they looked good. finally playing like the defending champions to end their two-game november swoon. they routed the green bay pa
two big cities last value in new york and chicago. >>> another apple maps executive is losing his job. according to bloomberg business week richard williamson who oversaw the maps unit is out. comes after the heads of the operating system lost his job last month over complaints about the maps software, including embarrassments like misplacing the washington monument. quick market check for you -- >> lives in washington, right? u.s. stock futures are down, greece bailout is behind us so for the time being the focus is back on fiscal cliff and the state of the u.s. economy. >>> other top stories for you this morning, former senator and presidential candidate bob dole expected to be discharged from a washington's walter reed army medical center today. an aide says the 89-year-old checked himself into the hospital for a routine procedure and that he's doing well. you might want to put down the pork chop. a new study from consumer reports found 69% of raw pork products in u.s. supermarkets are contaminated by a foodborne bacteria that can cause fever, cramps and intestinal bleeding. resear
investigators joining new york police in the search for a suspected serial killer whose murdered three brooklyn shop owners since the summer. cops want to question a man they're calling john doe duffel bag. he's spot the on video near two of the crime scenes. ballistic tests revealing the same .22 caliber handgun was used in all three killings. >>> the ntsb will recreate the deadly collision between a train and a truck today. they'll stage a train and a truck at a railroad crossing in midland texas to see what could be seen when and where. investigators say the warning system worked as designed last week, giving a 20-second warning that a train was coming. four veterans were killed during the parade, which was meant to honor them, and their military service. >>> >> a pakistani court has dismissed blast femm blasphemy against a christian teenager. the attorney says the high court in islamabad found that accusations against her were legally unsound. she was arrested in august over allegations she had burned pages of the koran for cooking fuel, a charge she denies. >>> some monday night football a
by the new york and new jersey port authorities. two path train stations under water. look at that. one in jersey city, the other in hoboken. service at both stations remains suspended nearly three weeks after sandy. now nearly all the equipment for signaling and the train equipment was damaged or destroyed. actually missed a classified briefing about the incident, including most republican members of a senate committee investigating the attack. among them senator john mccain, who was one of our producers. pretty tough questions about it yesterday. senator mccain got rather testy. >> i have no comments about my schedule and how i spend my time. i will not further comment. i have no further comment. >> why can't you comment about that? >> because i have the right as a senator to have no comment. who the hell are you to tell me whether i can or not? >> later a more cheerful senator mccain explained what happened to piers morgan. >> it was a scheduling error. i can assure you that i got all the information and in future hearings, including one tomorrow morning with general petraeus. >> i s
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)